Our Fire Suppression Systems in a Box Contents

Once you have selected your fire suppression system package, it will be shipped to your door absolutely FREE.  Your package is shipped complete and ready for install and is guaranteed to surpass all code requirements.  Your package kit will include the following base components:

  • System Tank – a completely charged Kitchen Mister Fire Suppression System Tank at the specified size designed to provide ample protection for your equipment and hazards in accordance with your local codes and insurance requirements.
  • Control Head – The control is the brains behind your fire suppression system. The control head governs the fire detection and automatic release of fire suppression system agent.
  • Nozzles – You will receive the appropriate color coded nozzles for each given hazard present within your restaurant.
  • Link line Holders – designed to allow movement of your equipment the link line holders keep fusible heat detection links in place within your hood system
  • Fusible Links – temperature sensing links that activate suppression system when the potential of a fire is present
  • Link Line Bracket – Only one is needed with your system and is placed at the end of the line supporting the termination fusible link.
  • Cable – 100 feet of 7 x 7 stranded aircraft cable approved detection cabling for support of the detection and activation lines leading to control head.
  • Manual Pull Station – A secondary means of fire suppression system activation, to be pulled in the event of a fire emergency.
  • UL Hood Seals (3) – mandating Grease prohibiting seals designed to seal pipe and conduit penetrations of the hood for the fire suppression system components.
  • Activation Cartridge – Suppression system activation cartridge
  • Copper tubing
  • Discharge Adapter
  • Free Chrome Sleeving package – for a limited time, chrome sleeving pre-cut to be installed over 12” lengths of 3/8” piping for fire suppression system nozzle drops providing an excellent kitchen appearance and easy cleanup. $200 value
  • Miscellaneous system components (Cable Crimps, S-Hooks, Suppression Systems Nut & Bolts, Adapters).
  • Installing guidebook
  • Employee Fire Training Guides
  • Kitchen Compliance and Safety Guidebook

We Specialize in Providing Fire Suppression Systems for Food Trucks

Our mission is simple: Save restaurant owners money with factory direct pricing. Restaurant fire suppression systems are a must-have for your kitchen, and we can help you find the right one for your needs. With The Fire Protection Depot’s latest UL 300 fire suppression systems, you won’t have to worry about fires because these systems provide 24 hour fire protection, detection and suppression. The extinguishing agents provide fast fire extinguishing and prevent fire re-flash. Browse our selection of restaurant fire suppression systems above to find the one that best meets your requirements or Customize your own.